Seven Secrets To Making $300 an Hour Freelancing…Day After Day

richYes, you can make $300 an hour – or even more – working as a freelance professional. And I am not talking about some freaky one-off job where you got lucky, scoring a desperate client who would pay anything to get the job done to a tight deadline. That happens, but it’s not the foundation of a great freelance business. I am talking about a realistic strategy for charging high rates on a regular basis, and having happy clients come back for more. They will even refer you to other clients who will be happy to pay you similar sums.

I am writing this article because I have become a little frustrated by other freelancers I know getting despondent about their rates. There are simply too many freelancers making do with dismal rates and a low income when they could do so much better. I know for a fact that it is entirely possible to make $300 an hour for freelance work – because that is exactly what I do every day.

So if you are fed up with being lowballed by clients, here is a proven seven-point strategy that will rocket your income way up into the stratosphere: [Continue reading]